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With a Nearbyelectrician membership, you get access to a professional insurance team, that will guide you through all the steps to make sure you are correctly covered. Protect the income that takes care of your loved ones with Income Protection. When life happens, count on us to have your back! We show up to pay a monthly income or a once-off lump sum to you, your family or your business when life’s mishaps happen. So, your story always carries on, even if you stumble and fall.

When life happens, we show up to protect you financially.


Income Protection

Income protection protects you against loss of salary due to unforeseen illness or injury.


Disability Cover

Disability cover protects you, your family and business by paying a lump sum if you become permanently disabled.


Critical Illness

Critical Illness Cover protects you and your family against common and serious injuries and illness, allowing you to focus on your recovery.


Life Cover

Life cover provides for your beneficiaries in the event of your passing so the life you had planned for them can continue.

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