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Electrical Contractor Registration

Ownership Details

The owner of the company does not have to be the registered person as long as one of the full-time employees is registered.

Registered Person Details

Company Information

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Marketing Information

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    Required Verification Documents

    To verify your details please include the following information:
    1. Certified copy of ID of OWNER.
    2. Certified copy of ID of REGISTERED PERSON (if not same as owner)
    3. Certified copy of REGISTERED PERSON LICENSE (Both sides)
    4. Copy of CONTRACTOR Registration with the Department Of Labour
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      Trades & Fields of Services

      These fields need to be completed as a current field you already fulfill and can be updated later if your expand your scope)
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      If any other services are rendered not mentioned above (ELECTRICAL RELATED) Please indicated such services.

      Terms & Conditions

      As a Registered Person or Electrical Contractor I have read and agree to the following:
      • As a Registered Person of the electrical trade, I agree to abide by the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, (Act 85 of 1993) and all of the applicable regulations and safety standards prescribed, particular to electrical installations, such as the Electrical Installation Regulations, SANS10142-1 and any other regulations that may be relevant to the type of work that I undertake.
      • I have all necessary regulations and codes in place and all employees have access to these documents on a regular basis. As a registered person we commit to follow and abide to the South African Standards as set out by OHS Act and SANS.
      • I have all necessary tools and equipment to perform the tasks that i am registered for in the different field of trades. I have all the necessary test equipment to declare an electrical installation safe, according to regulation and standards
      • As may occur, I agree to participate in any dispute that may arise from a customer feedback. Third party inspection from NE will be conducted and feedback according to regulation and standards will be given to both parties. If dispute is not resolved, DOL inspectors will be introduced.
      • The NE may list my trading information (no personal information) with various organizations and institutions as they see fit.
      • I understand that the NE Membership is an monthly registration of R120 and agree to remain in good standing. NE offers all Members equal opportunity. No levels of registration.
      • Banner rights will be available from time to time on all our social platforms - These banners will be for hosting your company at a prime position.
      • Marketing will be conducted by NE on behalf of the Member, your response from market (consumer) will depend on the visibility of your portal. Members portals can be loaded with photos, videos and testimonials of projects.
      • The consumer will have a free choice of who they would like to engaged with.
      • Free technical support for all Members - or WhatsApp -0724313451
      • Consumer support will be provided by NE, but can also be directed to the Member if the consumer requires more info before commitment.

      Payment Information

      Once the form is submitted you will be redirected to Payfast to complete your payment. An amount of R120.00 will be billed immediately, and then an amount of R120.00 will be billed monthly on the same date that you completed your initial payment.